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A classical introvert, I enjoy spending my time making our home here in MN as cozy as possible.  Nevertheless, I have found the courage to poke my head out of the snow to explore our twin cities and become involved in some things that are worth risking frostbite.  I recently finished up grad school with a degree in Strategic Communication Management, I am the organizer of West Metro Moms, an organization of over 150 moms here in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, as well as working on the steering team for MOPS of my church.

I am a published writer and photographer, I endeavor to help organizations like churches and  childcare centers to manage their communication's plans through my business Carrie Weston Creative.  I love working for myself because it allows me to focus on work that I am passionate about, while still leaving me the flexibility to be there for my children and other projects that come my way.

I am an infertility sufferer, a movie fan, an amateur organizer and crafter.  Our family loves travel and loves to be outdoors-- although around here much of the time the weather doesn't make that an easy relationship.  We ride bikes, camp, canoe, kayak, wall-climb, hike and just about anything we can find to try.  We love trying out various restaurants around town as well as trying our hand at cooking a variety of foods.

Jim~ My wonderful Husband  is the direct opposite of me in many ways, which is a wonderful combination as a couple, but occasionally makes things interesting.  Jim works in sales downtown amidst the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities and travels all over selling products to hardware and toy stores.  We met in a small group as a part of a church plant we were both involved in-- and still miss many of the people we left there to this day.  We were acquaintances for a year or so, then friends for several months before we started dating, which led to us being pretty sure pretty quickly where things were going.  We've moved on from late nights spent watching movies to late nights up with a baby, but I love him more and more as the years go by.

Noah~ My wonderful adventurous, sweet and feisty son is just the right blend of my husband and I.  The son of a craft-happy momma and a toy salesman dad, how lucky can one little guy be? Noah says, "My favorite song is TNT.  D and D, Dynamite!  I like trains in our state." Our feisty little kindergartner is ready for any adventure, whether it is campin

We feel so blessed to be out here in the land of 10,000 lakes and love spending our time on them in the warm months, and in the many colder months we love to cuddle up and have fun inside, and bundle up and have fun outside.  We moved to the area when Jim was given a promotion that necessitated our move from our lifelong home in the Kalamazoo area of Michigan.  We love the numerous parks, museums and the cozy warm skyway system, but we still miss many of the places and people that we left in MI.

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