Sunday, February 17, 2008

Andy Got Married!

My lovely brother Andy has finally entered the realm of married man. He and his fiancee followed Jim and I in the getting married quickly, but only in a cursory way. They got engaged before Jim and I did, and were planning on getting married sooner, but had to wait because where they were intending to hold the ceremony is in high demand and they would have to pick a date in the summer of 2009. For a variety of reasons they decided to get married over Valentine's weekend. They are moving into an apartment in KZoo, Jess needs some dental work and didn't have insurance and they simply wanted to be man and wife sooner.

They had a simple ceremony at the courthouse-- they are still having the far fancier one later that was previously planned. My brother bought a new suit and she a new dress and approximately 20 family and close friends attended. Unfortunately I coulnd't attend. If Jim hadn't been going to NYC for the past couple days we probably would have driven, but I didn't want to drive alone especially through the floods that are hampering travel in Wisconsin.


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