Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Even The Earth Cries Out

In Luke 19 we are told that even the rocks will cry out if we keep silent and do not worship Jesus. Today I read an article that gave evidence that not only will the ROCKS cry out, but that the entire earth is crying out into space. It turns out that the earth is emitting a sound of its own that is a series of high-pitched clicks and warbles. This sound occurs far above us as solar winds pass by, and is popularly commented on to possibly be listened to by aliens-- I don't know about that, but I think that it is amazing that there is continually more evidence for what we hear in scripture. It is possible for the rocks-- even our big round rock of a planet to cry out in such a way that God will hear, even if we cannot.

I have also heard that the earth emits sound in a series of seismic waves that are just too quiet for us to hear.


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