Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Summer Mission

In my last post, I detailed just some of the easy sources I have found for recreation and events in the Twin Cities area that are good for those of us with small kids.  Since then I have been toying around with an idea for a summer goal for Noah and I to motivate ourselves and get out into all of the wonderful fun that our home here in Minnesota has to off. 

So we have decided--- to visit all of the Three Rivers Parks District Parks and nature centers over the course of this summer.  With 21 parks on their list, we should be pretty busy this summer, but there is so much great to see that we have already visited, and that we are planning on seeing for the first time.

I was inspired, in part, but my own mother.  When my brother and I were just to the phase of childhood where you are bored by everything, she whipped out our local park map, put some blue Kool-Aid and some sandwiches in a cooler and took us out to canoe in the Portage Creek, or attend an outdoor concert.  I don't remember all of the places that she took us, but to this day when I see that blue sugary drink, I think of those times spent with her sitting in the shade of a local park. 

Noah and I will be continuing this tradition between now and Labor Day, and visiting one or more parks per trip.  Some I am sure that there will be plenty to do, like the Gale Woods Farm, which is sure to entertain with the baby animals and space to run, but others like the Glen Lake Golf and Practice Center may be a bit more of a challenge to entertain a 2 year old.  He does love golf balls though, it might be more of a challenge to stop him from running into the driving range. 

I will be posting our adventures here and on Facebook and if you, reader, would like to join us for any of our trips, I'll pour you some Kool-Aid as well and be happy to have you along!


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