Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Free Christmas Card Templates

I have been  working on my design skills in Photoshop, and while experimenting I created these two simple Christmas Card templates that I am happy to offer free to my readers.  These templates are in psd format and can be used by anyone with Adobe Photoshop CS5 or PSE.

To use the templates, users will need to be able to use clipping masks.  The best tutorial I have found for beginning users is from The CoffeeShop Blog.  Rita, the author also has a ton of other wonderful tutorials, Actions, templates and other digital design freebies.  She is one of the first and best sources I have found when I first started using Photoshop, and wonderfully a lot of her stuff works or can be adapted for PSE users. 

These templates are free for anyone for personal usage, but not for use in commercial ventures, be it selling these templates as your own, using them for photography clients, or using the images in these samples. 

To download Template #1 click here then right click on the file and select "Extract All." 

Image Credit: Carrie Weston Photography

To download Template #2 click here then right click on the file and select "Extract All."


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Printable templates

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