Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank You

I just wanted to say a quick and large "Thank You" to everyobne who has been so supportive of us and worked so hard to make our wedding ceremony a success. My parents have been endlessly supportive and went above and beyond to insure that this ceremony had so many things that I never would have thought-- a toast with sparkling juice and champagne flutes for Jim and I, a beautiful bouquet for me and flowers for the stage, centerpieces, catered food from Q-Doba, a gorgeous dress that people are shocked that I found at Deb, delicious cakes for dessert and still an agreement that there will be anpther wedding to celebrate with friends and family from out of town. That wedding will not be grand either, but rather a party to celebrate our new lives together.

I also wanted to thank everyone who came. So many people made the effort to get out there for the ceremony and people mingled who we never would have dreamed of interacting.

People from my small group helped my Uncle Rod clean up the tables and chairs. Stacie not only came and let us in a locked up, but helped clean up and set up the stage and centerpieces on the table. Katie played beautiful music beforehand and as I walked in to meet my husband and as we walked out. Nate Bull briallintly not only filled in for us, but wore a suit (including a tie) and made it his own.


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