Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Wedding #1

I am now a happily married Carrie Weston. The day of the wedding went well, from the weather, to my hair, to the ceremony. Of course one thing had to go wrong, and it was a doozy. We had an agreement with Keith Platte to conduct our cermeony-- he had done our pre-marital counseling and was our pastor back at the River. However, at about 1:30 I got a call from Holly, his wife. She informed me that Keith, their two kids and several other family members had all gotten horrible cases of the stomach flu during Thanksgiving weekend and was unable to et out of bed. AHHHH!! I knew that something had to go wrong, but I am so thankful to Holly for her thoughtfulness in providing a possible solution when she told me this. She told me that Nate Bull, another pastor associated with our church, had already said that he would perform the ceremony if we wanted him too. Jim thinks that Nate is really cool, so he was happy for him to perform the ceremony, although he was sad that Keith couldn't do it and Nate was even able to make the ceremony his own on just a few hours notice.

We then had a wonderful reception in the coffee house area of our church-- all that was needed for about 30 people-- and people were able to eat while we got our pictures taken. Melissa and Paul haven't got our photos to us yet, but they may be in the mailbox at New Boston and we don't know it yet from here in Florida. I will post more photos once we get them and once we get internet at our apartment. Melissa was so cute while taking photos of me. She nearly teared up at the thought of her "little sister" getting married. She also had this same reaction at my shower when I mentioned that I needed a veil.

Since then...

We have kept working on our apartment, but there is a long way to go until we will be settled. We are in Florida until Friday and then it is back to cold cold cold MN. It is currently 10 degrees in the Twin Cities. Now that I have mentioned that, I think I will put on my suit and go out and lay in the sun for a few hours.



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