Thursday, June 5, 2008

101 Reasons Why I Love Jim

I wanted to have a surprise ready for Jim when he got back from his trip because he hates being away for so many days in an uncomfortable hotel room, staying with someone who may snore or have volatile gas or something. So inspired by Angie and her recent post for her husband for Father's Day I have decided to also do a "101 Reasons..." list. I thought that I would share with you because I wanted those of you who may not know him very well how wonderful he is, and for those of you who are his family I wanted to share how wonderful he is at this whole husband thing since you can't see it in person here in MN. So here is my list that I will be giving to Jim when he gets back tomorrow. (Oh and I've edited out the really personal ones.)

1. You love the Lord more than me
2. You miss me when you are gone
3. You kiss me fervently
4. You play Klax with me and other video games that I enjoy watching you play
5. You do the dishes (even the utensil tray sometimes.)
6. You cuddle me when we sleep.
7. You don’t snore too loudly.
9. You listen to stories about Liam
10. You acknowledge that my job is difficult.
11. You eat the food I cook with enthusiasm
12. You encourage me in my writing
13. You enjoy food from around the world.
14. Your mom cooks wonderful food that she has taught you to make.
15. You respected me from the beginning.
16. You were my friend before you were my boyfriend/fiancee/husband.
17. You appreciated all of the cards and gifts I’ve given you
18. You love the gun book I got you
19. You love the Simpsons.
20. We have $1.00 bets and I get to win sometimes.
21. You love the way my face lights up at a good camera.
22. You love my skip-hop.
23. You want to impregnate me.
30. You adore my body
31. You try to be comfortable when I take pictures of you so many times.
32. You take me places just to take photos.
33. You take me to Ft. Snelling
34. We go on walks together.
35. You make an effort to keep physically fit.
36. You bought a bike to ride with me.
37. You follow through so that we can accomplish our goals.
38. You work to be financially responsible.
39. You balance the checkbook.
40. You insist that we tithe in order to honor God.
41. You want to find a church where we can be involved.
42. You want us to be involved in a small group.
43. You enjoy doing things, not just talking about things.
44. You want to be the man that God wants you to be, not that the world wants you to be.
45. You want to be involved with friends.
46. You want to find a house and build a life together.
48. You are a great uncle to Joey and Samantha.
49. You are invested in your family.
50. You work at your relationships with your family.
51. You cook me coffee in the mornings
52. You respect those older than you with wisdom to give.
53. You want your children to experience parents who stay together forever.
54. You want to adopt children.
55. You have thought about what our children will look like.
56. When we argue you acknowledge if you are in the wrong.
57. You get excited about free things from work.
58. You get excited about a good deal.
59. You pinch my bunu when we walk up stairs.
60. We have adopted bunu as the word for butt.
61. You want to name our future dog “Bunu”
62. You want ducks
63. You are honest.
64. You are loyal.
65. I can trust you
66. You couldn’t have come out here without me.
68. You are a hard worker
70. When you learn something you learn all you can about it and remember it.
71. You keep our car in good repair.
72. You want me to be safe driving around the big city.
73. You tell me to be safe out taking pictures without you.
74. You believe that I will make money with my words and photos.
75. You make me dinner.
76. You take me out to dinner in interesting places.
77. You take me to IKEA
78. You buy me wonderful Christmas presents
79. You showered me with love for Valentine’s Day
80. You take out the garbage
81. You sweep
82. You enjoy good movies
83. You can quote movie lines verbatim
84. You smell great.
85. You were willing to attend premarital counseling in preparation for engagement
86. You made our wedding special despite the short notice.
87. We can ride in the car from Michigan to Minneapolis and not fight.
88. You write thoughtful notes to people for our gifts.
89. You were excited about getting presents for my family in addition to yours for Christmas.
90. With you, I finally have someone to join me looking at the luminaries in the Winchell Neighborhood on Christmas Eve
91. You love the way I look
92. You tell me I am beautiful..
93. You thought of saying, “That looks good on you,” instead of “you look good in that.”
94. When I feel bad you rub my back.
95. You pray with me at night before we go to sleep.
96. You try to eat healthy food for your body.
97. You buy me dark chocolate.
98. You like “Animal Adventures.”
99. You are silly.
100. You take first shower so I can sleep in the mornings.
101. You make me bacon.

He is so wonderful.


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