Monday, June 2, 2008

My Work, Jim's Work

Today I went to work with Liam and, as usual we went to the park, which is under the landing flight-path of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. Today, however, I found myself taking a closer look at each of the planes as they passed by, many close enough to see their landing gear and read to which airline they belonged. I was preoccupied with flight today because today Jim flew down to Chicago for his company's yearly sales meetings. The downside is, since he transferred from merchandising to sales this year and they have different meetings, this is his second yearly meeting of the year. I am so thankful for his job and that he gets to do so many cool things, but it does make me lonely when he is out of town. Today I made the mistake of telling him that this middle-aged guy flirted with me in the elevator of our building and it made him worried and he made me promise to be careful and watch out for myself while he is gone, as well as on a photo walk I am planning on taking while he is gone. He said that he is worried because if I were robbed he wouldn't be able to get back in time to help me. It really makes me realize just how different my life is out here to have someone to care that much, and to not have the network of friends and family that I did in MI. How cute is Jim though to be so worried!

Less than a month ago he was out of town in Virginia (where it was 80 degrees and sunny) while I was here in MN, cold and horribly sick. That was far worse than this where I feel fine and the weather is in the 70s. Thankfully after this he has no out of town conventions or sales meetings planned until December, although he has several shows in Minneapolis and St. Paul. He is excited about those because at one he gets to work selling tools, which he hasn't done since he moved from merchandising. We still occasionally pop into a Sears and he inevitably straightens something to the way it is supposed be, and laughs when the salespeople want to tell him something about a power tool that he likely knows far better than them.

My work is going well too-- the little boy that I nanny for is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems like every day he learns a new word that he can proudly and loudly state. The most recent additions to his vocabulary are "Quack," "sock," and his new phrase, "Oh boy." Another recent obsession is the bridges that span the creek on the Minnehaha Parkway. It has been a new adventure for him to see the water flow under the bridges and watch as the Cheerios he drops between the stained wooden boards flow away from him. Until recently I have driven him across the bridges in his stroller on our way to the library, but with his increased walking abilities it seemed only natural to let him out to walk to the "top" and practice his hill climbing and descending skills-- now I can't get him away from the things.

He is such a sweet and good-natured little boy. Today, after story time before nap I told him that we had time to sing. Some days we only have time for stories, but I've discovered that he loves to just sit still and listen to me sing before he sleeps, and today fell asleep leaning on my chest to me singing, "You Are My Sunshine." Is there anything sweeter than rocking a child and smelling soft baby hair. I'm honored that children like me and that I can get outside and see more of this beautiful city that we call home.

I'm realizing that this is sounding like a Christmas Letter, but I wanted to keep all of you updated on our lives out here and not just talk about how cool our transportation system is.


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