Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Night of Questions

My night at GEMS usually consists of a lot of energy, a lot of trying to relax the girls to get done what we need to do, after they have had a long day at school, and at least 2 questions about Noah and comments about how big he is (which really mean comments on how big his MOMMY is.)

However, last night I had more questions than I think I ever have, probably because Miss Jessica was in the room, and her craft for the night involved making cupcakes, loaded with sugar. So yummy and cute.

I always struggle with how much to tell them when they ask-- I am not their parents, and I am not an official educator in a formal school setting. And they are only in second and third grade. However, they are intelligent girls whose minds can be quite curious about the watermelon growing under my shirt. Last night it all began simply enough:

K: "Where is Noah's head?"
Me: I pointed out where- placing my hand below my belly button. "He's right here."
K: "He's upside down?!"
Me: "Yes, a lot of babies are upside down. You might have been. You should ask your mom."
C: "Does Noah have blood?"
Me: "Yes, why do you ask?"
C: "If he is upside down, wouldn't all of the blood rush to his head?"
Me: "Umm, well, he is water, so it doesn't all rush to his head."
C: "He's in water??"
Me: Yes, it keeps him safe so he doesn't get bonked." (This is when I began to worry that I had said too much.)
J: "How does he breathe?"
Me: "Well, he doesn't need to yet. When he becomes an outside baby, then he will breathe."
Miss Jessica: "Yes, the first time he cries, then he will need to breathe." (I send her a thankful look for backing me up.)
A: "Does he throw up?"
Me: "Umm, no, not yet."
A: "My mom says that when I was a baby, I would eat and eat, and then I would throw up, so I always had to have a bib on."

Thankfully, at this point the conversation was steered toward throwing up, rather than Noah's current existence, which I always fear will come down to a discussion of just how the little guy ended up living inside of me, which is certainly NOT on the curriculum list sent to us by the lovely GEMS headquarters in GR.


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