Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Second Shower

I am such a blessed woman. really, I am fully aware of how lucky I am. I was blessed to have not one, but two showers, the most recent of which was in Minnesota and was put on by one of the women from our small group out here at our church- Sara. There was a time where I thought I probably wouldn't have even one shower for Noah, and so to have 2-- and to be also given random toy samples from the showroom at Jim's work when the packaging got wet is beyond anything I would have expected.

This second shower was filled with women from our small group, as well as other GEMS teachers and a couple women who I had never met before, which seems to be a recurring thing at my showers. I was so blessed with all of the wonderful baby items that Noah got, and to talk to other women about their labor experiences. Sara was also such a gracious host. When I arrived I was greeted by balloons and a large diaper cake, which tragically Noah will treat without the lisghtest regard for the beauty of it. Sara was even so sweet as to offer me punch, snacks, cheesecake (she made it from scratch) and whenever I needed it, and even before I asked. I don't think that I had to get up at all to get anything.

It feels so wonderful to be surrounded by women of God who have gone where I am going before me. When I fist found out that I was expecting Noah, we had just begun to attend Faith a few months before, and while everyone was super hospitable and we felt like we were int he place that God wanted for us, it did not feel like the home that it feels now. Now we cannot wait for Noah to join in on Sunday mornings during the Children's message, for him to sing in front of church at Christmas, and for him to be friends with the other boys and girls who are so abundant in our church.


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