Sunday, April 3, 2011
Noah and Jim fell asleep last night on the big bed in our room.  They do this periodically and usually on weekend nights.  Tonight they were watching Star Wars: Clone Wars together after Jim declared that, "it was time" that Noah be introduced to that part of the Star Wars Universe. 

I should be upset when this happens.  Noah typically hasn't had a diaper change right before bed, and he is almost always in his clothes instead of cute and comfy jammies.  And definitely no nap when they do this.  But as I listen to their progressively quieter comments and exclamations from Noah at the wonder of whatever Da is showing him, I just can't quite pull myself in there from the Mommie time they are giving me. 

Then I typically hear any talk stop as the sound of the movie continues, and I wander in there to see if they really have conked out again.  I go in there, and the sight of the two of them cuddled together, their hair and faces looking so similar when relaxed in sleep, that I just want to wake them up just to kiss them, but instead I slowly turn down the noise of the TV turn it off and cover them up.  Then, I take one more look, and turn out the light.


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