Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Are We Reading?

The Little One's second birthday is coming up, and as he gets older, he is able to understand and get excited about more and more complex stories.  I was delighted to find a basically new copy of Llama Llama, Red Pajama  while I was out thrifting the other day and even happier that it is now one of Noah's favorite books.  

Noah love the rhyme scheme and the funny voices that I make- and I personally love that it is a book that talks about the young central figure feeling nervous after going to bed and wondering, "What if Mama Llama's...GONE?"  And the mom's response that, "Mama Llama's always near, even when she's not right here." 

I'm hoping that eventually this will sink in to Noah's brain and help ease the tears that seem to happen every night when he wakes up (which is pretty much every night.)  I can't hope that I'll be just as lucky when I am looking for the others in the series, but I am so glad that I found out that this book has actually been worth the hype.

Noah's "Mama Llama" is doing some exciting reading as well.  With the surprising success of last year's garden, we are hoping to expand even further this year and hopefully produce enough to sell and donate some of our excess, and to preserve a lot of the rest so that we can eat off of what we have grown periodically during the winter months. 

At a recent trip to the library I picked up, Guide to Minnesota Vegetable Gardening, and also  a couple books on preserving what we grow. 

I'm really want to learn more about preserving without canning.  I think I am intimidated by the idea of boiling everything and canning, especially with Noah underfoot, and I also know that a lot of the nutrients are boiled away.  We are planning on getting a deep freeze, but one accidental nudge of the power cord or outage and there goes everything. 

So, we are hoping to rely on our dehydrator, Jim's smoker (well, that is more for fish and meat) as well as our WONDERFUL vacuum sealer we got for Christmas.  We felt like we learned a lot last year, and yet this year again I am feeling like I have so much to learn.  I'm hoping to learn from others that are more experienced with this aspect of gardening (hint, hint) so please, send me all the info., advice and input you can.  I need it!


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