Thursday, July 7, 2011

Noah's Big Day

Over Memorial Day weekend we travelled back home to MI for a substitute party for Noah, and we had a wonderful, delightful, family filled time.  We were having so much fun, and had such a whirlwind trip with driving in Friday, the party Saturday, family time Sunday, and then driving back home Monday in order for Jim to be back to work the next day we didn't have much time for our typical favorite restaurant visits, driving past places we loved growing up in south-west Michigan, or *Gasp* taking very many photos.

But it was really nice to just get to be there during the party and not worry too much about posing family members, and trying to orchestrate the moment so that it looks good, and thus putting myself out of the moment.

If there is one thing that this year has taught me so far, it is of the need to really treasure your family, and to make sure that you take the time to just be with them and to simply be.  I feel like this party was really a step in me letting go of trying to have too much control over things-- to make Noah's life perfect, when really there is nothing that we can do to perfectly plan everything.  And in the few photos that I do have from the party, I don't see any less enjoyment because my party bags were full of leftovers that were only applicable to the Air Zoo venue, or that the cakes didn't have the little plane toppers we were planning on-- I just see Noah trying to boop my cousin's new baby on the nose and the delightful laugh on his face in the next image at the success of his mission.


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