Friday, July 8, 2011

Photography by Noah

My parents, who never spoil their only grandchild at all. *wink* were kind enough to get him his own little studry camera from Discovery Kids.  It has rubbery blue sides and it has worked grat for us other than it going through batteries a bit quickly, and the no sound for video.  It is so cute to see the videos that Noah has taken-- mostly unconsciously, but he is pretty proficient at taking photos, and scrunches up his face to the eye hole, even though the LCD would tell him what he is photographing. 

I have heard that the camera has had some bad reviews, but for Noah for whom the camera is mostly just to keep him from trying to get mine, it has been great.  He loves paging through the images and especially loves looking at his Da when he is at work.  He also enjoys shouting, "Cam-a!"  and running around and taking video of us without our knowledge, but we won't show that video here.  :)

I'm not going to say that they are well taken at this point, or that they are great art or anything, but it does something wonderful for me to be able to see him emulate me taking photographs, and for him to be able to do something that he sees his mommy do so often. 


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