Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Decorations- Halloween Bats and Silhouettes

Confession time:  I am one of those people. You know-- the type that gets their fall decorations and holiday goodies out way too soon.  I listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and as soon as August ended, I opened up my Pinterest board full of fall digital freebies and got to work in our living room.

It has been a mission of mine to actually use the wonderful tutorials and freebies that I spend hours looking over and downloading from that very addictive site, and I have loved all of the inspiration that Pinterest has given me, as well as being a great way to find money saving ideas for decorating my home for the holidays.  One of the first things I have done is decorate a pair of display shelves in the living room where I regularly rotate out seasonal decor. 

I created the Frankenstein's Monster and Witch silhouettes using these printable and free spooky templates from BHG.  I simply downloaded and printed the outlines, and used them as stencils on two Halloween-ey scrapbook papers that I picked up in the Dollar Spot at Target on clearance last year after the holiday.  Using inexpensive frames I already had on hand (in fact one of these is usually up there with another image in it) I was able to further increase my savings and decrease the amount of seasonal decor. I have to store. 

I am also adorning my living room with a flock (is that the right word?) of spooky black bats using this template from Country Living.  These easy to make bats are created by borrowing a few pieces of my son's construction paper (or scrapbook paper) and folding, tracing and cutting.  I then used some painter's tape to fasten the creepy things to the walls. 

I admit, this is a bit early to begin decorating for Halloween, even for our holiday- happy family like ours, but due to a lot of schedule shuffling and a crazy work schedule for the Hubs, we are going to be in and out of town so much this autumn that I need to enjoy it while I can.  And I am also adding more to the decorations that won't have to come down once November hits. 

Back to crafting!


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