Tuesday, September 13, 2011

State Fair

Sadly, I am so backed up with work and home that I have been negelcting you, my few readers, lately.  I have been so busy with doing the photo editing I have to do, that I haven't had much time for the posting the photos of things I simply have wanted to be doing.

I am going to endeavor to catch up over the next few days, but I feel in saying that that I am committing one of the blogging deadly sins.  It seems like every time I read a blog that hasn't been updated recently the last post is filled with exhortations of how they pledge to keep up better with posting and how they have so much to write about in the next months.

In this case I will let my photos do the speaking for me on our trip to the State Fair in all of its Minnesota- wonderfulness.

"What are the piggie doing Noah?"


Yup, he still knows him some nursing when he sees it, and is still interested in breasts of any kind.  I have only made it through the John Deere and Miracle of Birth Center photos so far, so there may be more coming, but even for that alone I am so thankful that we got to visit the Fair with Grandpa Jerry.


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