Friday, March 8, 2013

New School, New Home...

The catchphrase for this blog used to be something like "New State, New Marriage, New Job, New Home."  Now, once again we have added in a few new "news" into our life.  

The Minnesota Westons have been on the move once again.  We have moved out of our little bedroom community and into a suburb of Minneapolis that reminds us more of our life in MI, and gives us many of the amenities and the lower crime rate that we need in a home.  Now, our old place wasn't a horrible city to live in, but I think that our part of town was a little less nice than others.  Most of us on our street had been robbed at some point-- thankfully just stuff from our cars and yards, although one of the neighbors did lose 2 snowmobiles.  The thieves drove right up into their yard and hooked the trailer to their truck and drove off.

A train derailment happened about a 1/4 of a mile away- thankfully carrying corn and not anything flamable.  Our place was tiny, had termites and after we left we found out that it was near 7 Superfund sites. As you can probably guess, we are very happy and blessed to be in our new home and adjusting to having more space and have happily cozied up for the winter.  We are still getting settled, but I am going to try to post a small house tour on here soon.

Noah has a few new things as well, he has started "School" as much as we are doing it.  He is actually at his local Co-Op right now, which is wonderful because it gives me some time every other week to run errands or have appointments that would otherwise be difficult with him along. Or just to sit and study in the lobby of the church that hosts us. At first he wanted to know that I was in the building with him, but now he barely blinks when I leave and is planning on being a "Daddy" with one of his little girlfriends there.

One further new is for me: I entered Grad School a little more than a year ago.  At first I was reluctant to talk about it because quite honestly, I wasn't sure if I would be able to cut it and to make it through with Noah and moving and all of the other stuff going on in my life, but now I am looking at the home stretch and I have less than a year and my thesis to complete!  Strategic Communication Management is an intriguing field right now as we make the move in online communication from using social media as fun to using in a more deliberate way to enhance our business and social lives.  I am hoping once I am done to get back into teaching at the Community College level, and to continue to consult with businesses regarding their content marketing needs.

After all of those changes it is nice to finally be getting established in our new routine, and thankfully, the new routines are proving to be more enjoyable, productive and meaningful than anything before.


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