Monday, May 6, 2013

Social Media Planning: Editorial Calendar

As anyone who has read this blog knows that i love me a good printable. In fact, by far my most popular Pinterest Board is dedicated to Digital Freebies that have made my life easier, or are just something enjoyable.

Recently, I have been scouring the web for an editorial calendar for my blogs and social media.  I have used an social media calendar int eh past, but never found one that worked well enough for me to stick with it. Until now.  One of the best parts of my discovery is that the graphic designer that created the blogging calendar is a fellow Minneapolis resident.  I always love to send a little linkage to a fellow Minnesotan.

Ekcetera Design Studio is a local graphic designer and creative and she is offering not only a free social media planning calendar template, but she also has a free e-book as well as some great simple tutorials for small businesses and social media for those of you who are newbies to the whole social media management game.

I've changed a few of the fields in my version of the template since I don't particularly use YouTube all that much (hopefully in the future.)  I also prefer to have a printed version of the calendar to work with and scribble on and cross out, so I had to scoot a few things in order to make it all fit on one standard sheet.  For the most part though, the logic of the organization for this social media calendar trumps by far what I was using in the past.  Be sure to check out Ekcetera Design and let her know that I sent you. ;)


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