Thursday, May 16, 2013

The "Dark Stuff."

I love my little son so much, and I am continually amazed at what he has learned and does, but one speech pattern he has been doing has amused me more than usual.  Noah will often ask me for a snack and it seems like he is always eating.

We have started a shelf for him on the bottom of the pantry that contains snacks that he can access himself and eat when he gets hungry while mom is busy cleaning/studying/writing etc.  He is usually pretty happy with the granola bars, raisins, fruit cups (he even goes to get a spoon and brings me one upstairs too) and other snacks. He also knows where yogurts are in the freezer and cheese and baby carrots in the fridge  However, there are times where the kid wants something a bit sweeter to whet his whistle and he has found a new way to try to get me to give him all sort of treats.

"Mommie, I'm hungry."  I tell him he can go pick something out. "Maaayyybe, something round?"  He motions like a circle.

"Like a carrot chip?"  I ask, knowing what item in the pantry he wants.

"No, something rounder?  And big?"

"Oh- you mean a cookie?"

"Yeah, a cookie.  That's good."  This isn't the first time that he has been able to use his words to verbally trap us.  When he used to be less adept at articulating words he would ask for something he knew we wouldn't normally be about to do, and then we would repeat it to clarify that we were hearing it correctly.

"A movie?"

"Okay."  As if were the ones who had thought of it.  No Buddy, we were just clarifying, not offering.

Now, he has gone a step further and is using adjectives to try to get his point across.  He just walked up to me a few minutes ago and asked of the double chocolate cookie dough I made a couple days ago, but haven't quite made it to the oven, and which I was sampling a little while ago.  "What did you do with the dark stuff?"

It is so interesting to hear how his language is developing, and that he is seeing these words as alternative ways to describe something that he wants, or one reason that he likes the object of his desire.  Yes, the cookie dough is dark and  chocolatey and yummy, and he knows somehow if he appeals to that aspect of the object, he just might have a better chance of getting it.  I'm curious if he is showing this because he is taking after mom in writing, or if he is taking after daddy in his ability to sell.


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