Saturday, January 5, 2008

Its Been So Long

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. We finally have reliable internet here at home, so I should be able to post and email much more frequently. It has been so long that I don't even know what to update you on-- so much has happened. I shall try to start chronologically.

Florida was lovely and warm and wonderful. It wasn't a complete honeymoon because Jim had to work during the day, but we were able to spend the evenings and nights relaxing and seeing the beautiful city of Orlando.

It was odd to be down there so close to Christmas, and you should be able to make out the Christmas lights on the palm trees outside of our hotel. I felt like I was walking through a Corona commercial every night.

The hotel was lovely and was suite style with a complete kitchen, and at the time looked much more well organized than our apartment. Thankfully now things look a ton better, but we are still adjusting to our new apartment.

One night we were able to take a bike taxi out on the town and ride past streets of restaurants and mini-golf with a volcano and ended up visiting Wonderworks, a building mmade to look as if it had fallen from the sky and landed on another.

It was a wonderful break from the fury of moving and getting married, and as we flew home we could feel the window get colder and colder. It was 75 at 7 in Florida and when we landed in MN it was 5. "The good news is, it's 5 above," joked our pilot.

It hasn't been that cold since that day except in the middle of the night and has really been quite mild so far. I thought that I would just add a few more photos from the trip to the bottom of this page. I could launch into a long explanation of our vacation and what Jim was doing with his time down there, however, I have so much to blog about that has happened in the interim so I will let the pictures speak for the thousand words I am not writing.


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