Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Light Rail

Last weekend Jim and I took advantage of the first 60 degree day since we've been in Minneapolis to take a ride on the light rail system donw to the Mall of America, past the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport with a stop over at the now flowing Hiawatha Falls.

I am trying to use the video feature of our camera more so that those of you who can't be here can see a little bit more of our life here. This video is a little bit long, but it shows some good footage of one of the tunnels of the light rail leading into the airport. The system is primarily above ground, but because of the wiring and the runways and such the trin goes below ground at both terminals of the airport.

This next video is also us on the train, but it is us above ground. On the left will be the airport and on the right you will see a portion of the National Cemetery at Ft. Snelling.


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