Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Drive Home

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have begun working as a nanny and on these days I have a lovely drive to Jim's work to pick him up.

I drive past Uptown and Rudolph's Restaurant (named after Rudolph Valentino)

I then make my way up to the Walker Art Center where the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden can also be found (home of the Spoonbridge and Cherry fountain)

I then drive past the Basilica and down Hennepin. (Sorry- half the video is sideways.)

My trip ends at Jim's parking garage where we can view Target's Headquarters and the University of St. Thomas.

I am so thankful that after a busy day working with a toddler I have this time to drive back to Jim's work and that I was able to find a job that allows us to share a car for however much longer we need to do so. We're not sure when we will be able to buy a second car because we are also trying to save up for a house, but we have been looking at cars as we drive around town and are leaning toward something that would not be as large as an SUV, but would allow us to carry kayaks and bikes.

Speaking of which, we recently bought Jim a bike using our rewards points that we recieved for singning up with our internet carrier. Not a bad deal. Now that my camera is working again I will take some photos of us on a ride soon.


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