Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pictures from Minnehaha Falls

We recently made another trip to Minnehaha Falls as a stop-off from our ride on the Light Rail. We were delighted to find that the falls were in motion. The spray hit our faces, which was enjoyable on the first day in Minneapolis over 60 degrees.


Angie said...

I really enjoyed looking at your photes form the falls. They look beautiful. Also, sounds like you are keeping busy with your new job as a nanny. How old is the toddler you are taking care of? I can't believe my toddler is 13 months and more and more fun every day. He says "t" for tigger and "d" for dog. It's really cute. :) Hope to hook up with you this summer! Maybe we could go to the Mall. I don't get to do that very often over here. Not to shop...but to go out to lunch and enjoy a long chat over coffee. Of course I'll have Andrew so we'll have to do a few kids things if we can. :) Looks like you are enjoying your new home!!

Angie said...

I do love your pictures of the falls but I think Andrew would like the zoo or the town with the train and small rides. He loves trains!!! We are coming July 3-6, the 4th and 6th are busy with reunions. Would Saturday, the 5th work???? It would be wonderful to hang with you and then John could go off golfing and not worry about me. We would both be very happy!!! Miss you lots and look forward to seeing you before long. If it's really hot we can go the Mall of America. Otherwise I think your other two ideas are better! Love, Angie

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