Thursday, August 7, 2008

Comprehensive Communications

I recently posted about my new freelancing work in stock photography and selling my creative photographs on This is all part of our plans as a couple for our future. Our ideal is that after we have children I will be able to stay at home, being a mom and writing and doing stock photography as much as is reasonably possible. Right now I am not making enough to warrant staying home before children, but we are working so that at some point in the future I can make the transition reasonably easily.

Initially after becoming a mommy I will need a break from working just to focus on the wonderful changes in my life and to learn my new little one's personality, but eventually I would like to go back to working, even if only 15 or so hours a week. (And no, as far as I know, I am not pregnant right now)

I am currently looking for work outside the home, but am also expanding my freelancing from articles into the business world. This is more in line with my education. My major focused on writing in the business world-- specifically marketing and fund-raising. It is my hope to take my experience in teaching and childcare and bring this over to my professional life. One of the biggest complaints of the parents we served were the lack of communication (often merely their perception) but this is something that there are simple tactics to remedy, but that many childcare directors do not have the time or knowledge to fix.

I recently bought the URL-- and I am currently developing the website. It is still very much under construction and it has been hard lately to find the time to work on it, but I am slowly making progress. Hopefully soon I will be writing website copy, parent handbooks and daily communications for small childcare centers. I would also love to work with small non-profit organizations. I hope that I can use my skills to help organizations that I feel passionate about their cause in addition to simply looking to help support our family. So check it out (I seem to be writing that a great deal lately.) Blessings!


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