Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sudden Storm

Last night after Jim came home from work we decided to run down to this little Chinese restaurant that we like along the Hiawatha near Minnehaha Falls and had dinner. Of course, I brought along my camera, and despite clouds looming nearby and a few rumbles of thunder we decided to make a quick stop at the falls to see how low the water was and to allow me a chance to practice with my Neutral Density filter.

We joked about the safety of carrying a metal tripod while a storm is rumbling in the distance, but trusted that it was beyond us and that we would soon be deep inside the valley below the falls.
We quickly set up the camera (Jim is such a willing assistant, and I think it gives him something to do instead of just standing around and waiting for me) because a few drops of rain fell on our heads. I took these pictures from under the trees to avoid getting wet, but still managed to get wet. I am so happy with how these photos turned out. (I have a few more that I will upload later) It was so easy using the ND filter with a tripod and can't believe that I got any good photos before without using it. At the time it made sense because boulders and rocks don't make a stable tripod stand. I guess I have a steady-er hand than I thought and the good sense to brace my camera on rocks and trees.
I want to head back another time and get more photos from the bridge beyond the falls that I posted a picture of Jim and me on once in the winter. It was a good thing that we elected to stop taking any more photos and put away the equipment because shortly after this last shot was taken, the sky suddenly opened up in a brief, but fierce shower.
We ran up the stairs on the opposite side of the valley, and even made a wrong turn and ended up on a viewing platform that dead-ended. As we got to the top the rain poured even harder and we rushed into the car wet, chilled and exhausted. Thankfully we were both wearing two shirts and so were able to strip off the outside layer and be moderately dry on the top, but our pants were soaked. After a brief stop on Jim's work parking garage for a few city shots we hurried home to cuddle under the covers and watch the Olympics.


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