Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Boy Dancing During Church

I have a theory, and it is probably one of the those first time pregnancy fantasies and sound totally irrational to anyone who is not going through the same feelings and sensations that I am. I really know that it probably has no foundation in reality.

This morning during church I was fretting that the baby had been really still during that morning's service, and when I had been updating our newly-formed baby registry online that he hadn't been hitting me, spinning, mowing the lawn, swimming, or doing baby yoga as he usually does when I am sitting at that time of day at the computer and typing. However, this morning was different from typical weekday because Honey was at home and I didn't have on the radio like I normally would.

During church I was distracted from my unreasonable worry (I know perfectly well that it is entirely normal for me to not feel the baby for days after feeling him) by the baptism of two little babies. Faith does something that I really enjoy when babies are added to our bunch-- during offering they play a slideshow of the lives of the new little ones. Suddenly, as the music began playing I felt a small punch, just below my belly button. As the song progressed our little baby boy hit and kicked regularly and generally seemed to really be enjoying himself.

The odd thing was that after the song concluded he stopped moving and was silent until the end of the service. This was rather striking and made me wonder-- could he really love music and be doing some sort of baby dancing inside of me when he hears a song that he likes? I know this is all a fantasy, and that according to my logic he might just as well hate music and be punching me to let me know of his disdain for the stuff, but I prefer my way.

He was moving after church as we were eating lunch, and just now as I have been sitting at my computer once again, but that could be due to the root beer (no caff.) that I am drinking, rather than the Christmas music playing on the radio.


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