Thursday, December 11, 2008

We're Having a Boy!

At least, as far as we can tell we are having a boy. The ultrasound tech said this morning that she is 99.9% sure, since they don't allow them to say that they are totally sure. She told us she's been peeking every time that we had been down there during the ultrasound and each time she had seen the vital parts. We arrived bright and early this morning and were so happy to get in 4 days early to see our little one. At the first glimpse of the baby we were both so nervous. The tech began to eaxplain the head measurements, facial measurements, etc. but the whole time I was thinking-- "the baby is so still-- I want to see the little heart beating!" Finally the tech moved and we caught a glimpse of the little beating heart- or rather now the BIG beating heart. Now all 4 chambers were visible and beating at about 146 bpm.
Everything else looked fine, and DeeAnn said that she thought that the doctor wouldn't be calling us because there was nothing of concern in the scan. The last time she told me that everything was fine, and I didn't hear from Dr. Ambur. It was all over so quickly. We counted fingers, looked at a little button nose, saw the kidneys, bladder, diaphram, stomach, leg and arm bones, spine and all sorts of vital parts that make up a human.
Then she told us we were having a boy. I feel so blessed because I had wanted a boy. Initially I wanted a girl who I could put in sweet little clothes, but then my heart began to change as I think I suspected that it was a boy I was carrying. Jim wanted a sweet little "Daddy's Girl," but I think the idea of a son is also wonderful to him. I think he was just in shock getting to be there and see our little one. He didn't get to come the last time I had an ultrasound (not really much to see anyways) and he doesn't get to feel our Little Boy yet the way that I do, or have symptoms the way that I do, so I think this really made him feel connected.
He has said in the past that he wanted a girl because a boy will look up to him so much as a role model, and I think that is intimidating. However, I have done everything that I can to convince him that he will be a wonderful father to a littleboy, simply because of the love that he has to give to this baby already. And now they can play with all sorts of fun Star Wars toys together and other fun boy stuff.
I also know that I love boys from nannying a boy and working with preschool and school aged boys so I feel no worry about mothering a boy. I will miss the cute pink stuff though.


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