Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update on Previous Posts

Okay, I was re-reading a couple of my previous posts and realized that I needed to update you on a couple things:

1-- Jim did win the award for the most orders written in Las Vegas! It is a small monetary award that we are intending to use on something really celebratory. We thought of buying a small deep freeze now that we are members of, and practically right next to a Sam's Club, but what may win out is going to some sort of holiday play in the Hennepin Theater District in downtown Minneapolis. We talked about a small "Babymoon" vacation for us, but we kind of want something that will last. We have also discussed getting the boxed set of MASH, but we'd still have to shell out a chunk of our own change, which we are trying to save right now. I just think that it is cool that he won. He found out on the day that he got a really good yearly performance review. In a year where everyone is tightening budgets and removing staff that are under-performing, all of these things mean a lot to us.

2-- I have definitely felt the baby move now. I didn't think that I would this soon, but I feel him or her swimming or punching pretty much every day. It is the oddest feeling, and one that I have tried to get Jim to feel, but it just isn't strong enough or regular enough yet. Soon enough it will be really apparent. The baby seems to move more when I am at the computer typing in the mornings. I don't know if this means that the baby likes or dislikes my writing, or if it is trying to tell me that when I sit up I squish its soft watery home and it wants more space, or maybe it is just that the baby is moving more often, but sitting up puts it in the proper position for me to feel.


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