Monday, March 30, 2009

Preliminary Shower Post

I have so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind after our whirlwind vacation and shower in MI. I know that I do not have the time right now to write an adequate post to describe it all while I am still processing much of what happened, but I wanted to write something of my initial feelings and responses to the weekend.

I was so honored by how many people attended the shower and I loved getting to see so many of my friends who I have only been able to see in passing during rushed holiday visits and hurried stops at church events. I was also doubly honored by the people who attended or sent something who I have never met before-- from the friends of my Grandmother and Aunt Susie in Missouri who made us a blanket and an afghan, to my brother's mother-in-law, who not only attended my shower, but brought us a roast and oven-baked potatoes for everyone to eat.

The idea of all of the work that my dad, Melissa and Melinda put into making the experience a special one is so honoring. Even a few days before the shower I realized that I didn't know even the details of what time the shower began. I was able to simply show up and enjoy seeing all of our visitors.

Thankfully, everyone was kind and gave us small gifts so that we-- with a duffel bag borrowed from Jim's mom-- were able to bring most things back to MN, aside from a few fragile and oversized items, and some that just wouldn't fit (my parents will be bringing us a carload when they come out for Noah's birth). We are now surrounded by so much baby stuff. Noah will be one of the best-dressed babies around-- and one of the warmest. I think that everyone knew that in Minnesota our little boy would need plenty of blankets to snuggle down in and be kept cozy and warm. Currently everything is still in semi-organized piles on the couch, as we decide how we are going to store our abundance in our apartment until we get a house.

I am so thankful that I got to see everyone, but it seemed like just mere minutes and everything was over. And now I am on to the point in my pregnancy where everything all seems so close to being over. Since Christmas the idea of travelling so far while so pregnant has been looming-- would I even make it this far, and how would I handle the long car/plane ride? How would people who haven't seen me in so long react to suddenly seeing me so big? Now all of that worry and stress is over. The plane rides and car trips were taxing, but not nearly as bad as 11 hours of driving each way would have been, and all of the worry over would I even make it has been answered with a resounding yes.

I will try to post pictures soon, and share how all of our abundance looks here where Noah will live, and give more detailed thanks to everyone later as well, but right now I am so distracted by the mountains of onesies tottering precariously on our couch.



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