Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Cure for Baby Fever Warning: TMI Alert

My son is so sweet, in fact after viewing a photo of him in his puppy costume my brother told me that all of his female co-workers had baby fever.

Today though he did something that would make even a woman holding her ultrasound photos and looking at newborn baby girl dresses at Peapods wonder if she was really ready for this:

The setting, my dear son, who is nearing the beginning of potty training had just hone poopy in his diaper.  (Why is it that we think that poopy sounds less icky than poop?  I went round and round of what of the many words available to call it.)

I thought,  What a great chance to set him on the potty and use TP to clean him up and let him have the experience of being a big boy.  I took off his diaper and set him on his potty chair, which I mentioned in a previous post.  Now, my son has a hair trigger gag reflex and apparently the smell of what he had just done in his diaper was more than enough to set him off.  He has gagged before from just pee diapers, but no- he wasn't just gagging this time. 

He proceeded to vomit violently all over himself, his potty, the big potty, the floor and me.  (and of course this happened while Jim is conveniently out of town.)  Yup-- I was then sitting on the bathroom floor with a poopy (I hadn't cleaned him up yet when this happened) snotty, vomit covered toddler.  Being a mom is sooo glamorous.

I stuck the poor guy in the tub, whipped his remaining clothes off and wiped him down.  I would say I learned a good lesson from this- but what do I do now?  He still has to potty train, which will eventually involve him wiping himself, so do I give him a nose plug for when we reach that point in the training, maybe a fan to keep things fresh?  A candle?  Strong air freshener?


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