Thursday, February 17, 2011

Furious, Fast February

I previously claimed that I was going to be posting here much more frequently, and that I would post photos, stories and little anecdotes of our lives in Minnesota.  However, so far, February of 2011 has been moving so fast anf furiously that I have barely had the opportunity to pause and spend time with my guys, let alone post here.

The first day of the month found me teaching the first of my current session of Beginning Digital Photography  through Fridley's Community Education.  It has been wonderful to meet with my small class of just four students, and to share some of what I love.  It has also reinforced that I know all of my technical information about photography, and not just so that I can use it, but so that I can express it. 

There have been a few questions from my students that have come close to being unanswerable other than by someone currently employed as a product designer for Canon, but mostly my students have wanted to know things like how to get that fuzzy look behind their heads in portraits, and why the flash just went off when they don't want it to. 

It is hard to believe how fast this first session has gone, and I am brimming with ideas of ways to improve for the next group of students, but before next semester can begin I have my BIG intimidating as a teacher class to hold-- Beginning Photoshop.  (dun dum dun!)  There is so much to cover and such dense matierial and it is difficult to guage the experience level of my students before meeting them for the first session. 

Aside from teaching, we had a rather rushed but wonderful trip to Missouri to visit my Grandma and Aunt Susie, and it was great to reconnect, and let them both meet Jim and Noah.  We're hoping to head down there for another visit in the not to distant future and hopefully to allow Noah to have a bit more than a day with his Great Grandma. 

She is doing pretty well, and has an amazing attitude about everything, considering the health issues that she has been facing, and the frustrations that can come with having words you want to say, but just not quite being able to get them out.  At times I think about how similar Noah must feel when he wants to tell me something, but just can't quite say it.  He and Grandma are two peas in a pod right now, and it was amazing to see them together.

Jim mentioned to me the other day what an honor is must be for her to have met Noah and to see my dad as a Bopp to him. Jim said, "It is like if we get to see Noah become a Grandpa."  That really struck me, because I have thought about Noah someday being a daddy, but the idea of him becoming a Grandpa is just so far away and such an amazing idea. 

Aside from teaching and my travel, Jim has a business trip coming up, I've been dealing with editors reluctant to pay for my time, and getting ready for a new monthly playdate I am holding here in our house.  Speaking of which, big things are afoot in that arena, but that will have to wait for  a later date.



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