Monday, February 28, 2011

My Night Job

As much as I love being a mommy, and as fulfilled as I feel when Noah learns something new-- like recently he learned to say "N," and "O," and identify them, and now every time he sees those first two letters of his name, he calls them out excitedly.

My classes are small, as is the compensation, but I really love the chance to share what I love and to converse with adults and utilize talents other than tickling toes and cooking dinner.  It is also great exposure and networking for my portrait work.

I also really love the opportunity to create my own curriculum.  It is amazing the freedom that you can have when you can tailor your classes to the interests of your students, rather than having to only discuss the state-mandated idea of what students should learn. 

This past class of Beginning Digital Photography I had students who were going on vacations and wanted to be able to take better photos, moms wanting to take photos of their children and an eBay seller who wanted to capture images of her products without that annoying flash spot. 

My upcoming class is rather intimidating because it is on the topic of Photoshop, which is something that I love to use, but is so dense and full of tools, brushes and adjustment layers that I am going to really have to work to pack in the information without overwhelming my students. 

I am also excited in the next couple of months to begin to hold classes centered around specific topics in photography, such as Portrait and Landscape Photography, and I am even more excited to branch out and use yet another skill of mine, and to call upon, :gasp: my actual college education and to conduct a class on blogging. 

I am not going to head back to the workforce quite yet- I wold hate to lose this precious time with Noah, and we are looking to have another little one around the house sometime in the future, but it is so great to have the chance to put on some pants other than my Mommy-pants.


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