Friday, August 26, 2011

Color Inspiration-- Fragile Petals

You know those blogs and people that inspire you?  Those that don't just do fun crafts, but those that try to foster a spirit of creativity in their readers?  Wish I was more like that.  However, Patty Schaffer-- the wonderful blogger of Capture the Details, who I recently found through Pinterest is one of those women.  I love her eye for color combinations in general, and when she began creating color swatches based on photos the "details" in life I was really hooked. 

And, of course, I wanted to create one of my own.  The photo I chose was from a recent landscape photography session I did.  This vase was sitting on my client's wonderful long porch-- the kind with rocking chairs an a sweet little table perfect for curling up with tea and a book on a cool summer evening. (Sigh)  I wanted to capture the beauty of the flowers, but I am also loving the way that the light green of the stems in the vase seems to be glowing within the darker glass.

 These color explorations can be used in selecting colors in digital scrapbooking and design, choosing the right paint colors for your home, or fabric for quilting or other crafts.  Coming soon will be a template so that you can create these yourself, and I am kind of hooked on making these.  I am so excited to take these colors and put them into play in other ways!


Patty S said...

you did a great job! and it IS fun making these, isn't it? so glad you found inspiration from my blog.
xo, patty :-)

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