Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday = Fun Day

Around here, with my classes falling typically on a Tuesday, we have designated Wednesday as Mommie-Noah fun day, with no work being done by Mommie and lots of games being played and trips taken.  This week I asked him if he wanted to "Go?"  in the car or stay home, and he quietly said to me, "Home."

Here is a glimpse of our fun fay:

Noah was a bit sniffly, but in a good mood for most of the day.

Someone tried to call me about a work matter, but Noah fielded the call and told them I was busy in a meeting with Elmo. 

Then we did a fun activity that featured our letter of the month-- B for Bubbles! 

He did enjoy it more than this photo lets on, but his face here was really cute to me for some reason. Noah tries to blow the bubbles, but sometimes accidentally sucks up the soap through the straw rather than blowing, so Mommie is often in charge of making the bubbles and Noah the popping.  There is something still satisfying even as an adult in seeing how big of a pile of bubbles I can get going, especially with the challenge of Noah working against my efforts.

It also has the added benefit of helping him get clean after a snack or after painting.  And aren't these great smocks-- they are so cheap too that I don't feel bad spending the money on them, rather than using some of Jim's old shirts that he has worn through the elbows, or pulled all of the buttons from.

We also did another Letter B activity-- we did a lot of sorting and pouring out of our Box of Balls and Blocks into Buckets, one of which was Blue.

And of course, Books!

Look-- its a choo!

Noah loves to find the Da in his Richard Scarry book.  I loved this book as a child, and it is interesting to me how the stories that I loved aren't necessarily his favorite, but he still loves the book.


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