Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Minnesota Music~

What are we listening to around here?

Dreamland-- this dreamy CD of favorite songs for little one's was put together and sung by a co-worker of Jim's  ex-sister-in-law.  Or something like that.  Whatever the relationship, this music is a favorite of mine and Jim's to play for our little man, and isn't pandering to children with too cheesy tunes.  Instead it offers semi-contemporary choices like "The House at Pooh Corner," "Baby Mine," "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes," and "Rainbow Connection.  Created during the time Tristiana Ward, the singer, waited for the birth of her own son, you can feel the emotion involved in each song, which is what plays so well for us.

MacPhail's Sing Play Learn.

Sing, Play, Learn with MacPhail--  full of cheesy tunes and lyrics that get us up on our feet and dancing with Noah, we love this free CD from the MacPhail Center for Music's programs.  It is free when you attend one of their informational events in a local library.  And while we will probably never dole out the cash to have Noah take one of the classes, it is nice to have the music at home to enjoy.  My only criticism of this CD is that it is pretty apparent it has been made by some really white Norwegians in a few of the songs as they try to sing diverse songs.  However, the silliness is still good for a dance or two to use up some of that pent up winter energy.


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