Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Noah's Day

If you know me at all- you know I like to blog and to create in general.  You also probably know that I am a proud Mommie of my Noah and think that he is the coolest little guy I've ver met, and for good reason.  However, I also know that not all of you want to read about every little thing he does, and every little project I do with him-- many of you are not parents out there or educators. 

So, to prevent you from gritting your teeth every time you see a new post from me thinking that you are about to be force-fed another description of how I introduced the color yellow to Noah and how he got it right away, I have made a new blog just for that very purpose.  You'll still see some brags about the Little Man here- you didn't think I was going cold turkey did you?  But the more instructional, project oriented posts are going to be over there.

In part, the blog is to brag about my little man, and in part it is to hold me accountable for doing more than simply turning on the TV, since he would really like it if I would let him watch nothing but Busy Town Mysteries all day long.  It is important to me that he develop a love of learning and be ready for school when the time comes, and we are working as a family to lay the foundations of this early on.

It is still mostly in the works, but I am excited about good things to come from it.  And now you can sigh in relief that you don't have to read about how I made Noah a makeshift rice table. 


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