Monday, August 1, 2011

Humid Trip to Minnehaha

Minnehaha Falls in south Minneapolis is one of our favorite locations, and one of the first that we explored as a married couple when we arrived here, and despite frigid temps and not knowing the area, the falls are still one of our favorite places for a quick getaway while still in town.  A museum, a restaurant which has killer fish sanwhiches that even I will eat, as well as the falls and the long secluded and leafy glen below-- the falls always seem to offer something different.  Today it was dancers and a rushing torrent down the cliff after all of our recent rain. 

We walked further down the creek in the Glen to the wading area carved out near the Deer Pen area, and Noah went for the biggest of the rocks-- of course.  It is a wonderful placwe to wade and cool off, but you have to watch your kids carefully so that they don't go where the current is stronger and end up floating downstream. The weather was hot and humid, which explains for the Sprout's wilted expression in a few images.  He was so happy to be there though, and it was our first trip where he could say waterfall.  He kept exclaiming, "Wa-er-fal!  Rocks!"


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