Friday, August 12, 2011

Proof That I Eat Cereal The Right Way

Yup.  You read the title right.  I eat cereal the correct way, but I have been mocked for it from childhood.  Never one to do what everyone else was doing just because they were doing it, I decided pretty early on that I didn't like soggy cereal, but I did like to eat a leisurely speed.

So for the past 20-25 years or so I have been eating my cereal dry.  I fill a nice glass with cold milk to have with my cereal and take a bite from my spoon, take a sip of milk and then have a delicious crispy bite of my Cocoa Krispies each time, while friends and family have laughed at me.  Meanwhile, they suffer through soggy bowl after soggy bowl. 

When I became a mom it was actually discussed if Noah would eat cereal like me or "like a normal person."  (Incidentally, if I give him dry cereal and cup of milk he almost immediately dumps it in his bowl, but I think that is just toddlerhood.)

Imagine my delight to discover proof that I have been right all along.  Meet The Obol.  A bowl designed with two reservoirs that allows you to sweep each bite of cereal down to the milk and have a crispy bite each time! Love it!  See everyone? 

I know, I am bit irrationally pleased with myself, but when faced with proof that people had to invent something to do what I just naturally did as a child is more than a bit pleasing to me. 

Family and friends, you might just see this in your stockings for Christmas so that every time you eat breakfast you have to remember my rightness.  :)


Lisa said...

I love it! I don't like soggy cereal either, but my solution is just to eat it fast :). This would be great!

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