Friday, January 11, 2008

5 Reasons I Love The Twin Cities

1. The view from just one of our 5 Targets:

From this Target you can see over the river to the northeast side of the city. Jim's work is straight through town behind the central building.

2. Within a one mile radius of our home you can find several middle-eastern delis, many supermercados, Indian grocery stores, traditional suburban stores like Target, Old Navy etc. and skyscrapers.

3. The view from Jim's parking space:

We are actually on the second story roof of an old warehouse. It is so funny to approach what appears to be a random warehouse and press a remote control and enter past dumpsters and an old boat and drive up a twisty ramp to a beautiful view such as this.

This is the inside of the parking ramp.

4. The smell of Freshly-baked cereal in the morning:

We pass by the General Mills plant whenever we drive into town and if you time it right you can get a little snack simply by breathing deeply.

5. Our apartment:

Our apartment has been such a blessing. Since we found it online with no actual presence in the city, we could have done so much worse. It has also been wonderful for getting loads of free stuff. So far to our collection has been added an entertainment center, dvd shelf, kitchen table and 4 chairs (seen in the photo of Jim's birthday cake pre-lighting) a large barstool, step ladder, humidifier and a wrought iron bedframe. Now we are just waiting for a tv and a dresser. :) In our heated underground parking we have an area designated to share our abundance with others- a real need for a new couple starting out.

Another Target aquisition, used with the candles I won at my won shower. (Thanks Melissa!)

This last photo I have loaded for Sena. The twigs are in the vase that I got at your wedding. It sits to teh lest of the entertainment center right next to the doors to our balcony. It really adds something to the apartment and I wanted to say thanks again.


Angie said...

I am glad you seem to be enjoying your new home! It's hard to move away from family and friends but it is really good for you and Jim!! I am sorry that I was not able to see you before you left...but I would love to get your new please email me it when you get time! We are doing well and glad to be home in England again. Love, Angie

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