Monday, January 28, 2008

For My Mom

My side of the bed. We finally went to IKEA (And are now addicted.) Our weird duvet cover cost 5.99. There were others that were more expensive, but we thought that the whole Spagetti-Os and olives theme would be okay for now. There is a $10 feather bed (originally $59) We found another cover when we went to get our new bedframe recently. We laugh because our whole color scheme in our bedroom has been decided by a $15 bookshelf we bought from Target, but we really love the bedframe that we chose.
Here is our living room. Minneapolis is really cold, but as you can see, the sun shines quite nicely. Our next IKEA purcahse will be a new couch, but that is a ways down the line.

Jim's side of the bed and the hall and a view into the bathroom. Note the Darth Vader mask on the bookshelf.

I will post more photos when we have totally reaorganized the bedroom. We put the new bedframe up and have the table you can see in the picture behind it as a place to put our clock, glasses etc. Our new bedframe used a table in this manner, but from IKEA it was $190. Ours is on clearance $27 from Sears. (We still make our way into Jim''s old stomping ground of Sears, but not as much as in Michigan.)


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