Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We finally went to IKEA down near the Mall of America and were delighted to find a wide variety of items in our price range and of a style that suits us better than most of the county-themed free stuff left in our parking garage-- though we are still very appreciative of all of our free items and cherish our new-to-us table.

(I will try to describe the experience for the Michiganders and others who are IKEA virgins.)

IKEA sets up all of their products in a showroom on the third floor of the imposing building. Parking is arranged underneath and to the side of the building, and then take the escalator to the third floor and apparently into someone's home. It is wonderful to see the products being used as they should and really entices you to buy more. There are some expensive items, but we loaded up on 1$ pillows, plastic bag holder for inside the cabinet door, a towel holder that fits on the end of our microwave cart, 59 cent dishtowels, 3$ shelves for the bathroom and a variety of other items. We also finally got our new sleek, black bedframe. It is so nice and comfortable. All IKEA beds need slats that fit under the mattress and make it able to not get a box spring. We have ordered our mattress, but are waiting it to be ready for pickup so our old full-size mattress is being used on top of it until tuesday.

At IKEA after you pick out what you are going to purcahse you travel down one floor to a warehouse filled with plates and glasses and rugs and lamps piled everywhere. The furniture section looks like Sam's club and you proceed to an aisle and bin number where the pieces of your bed are located and carry them on a flatbed cart to the checkout and your car. Through folding of seats and creative arranging from my former appliance deliveryman husband we were able to put it all in the car.

I ended up sitting a little close to the airbag for my taste but we drove slowly and went up Cedar/77 through town toward home instead of taking the highway.

I am really impressed with how organized the store is. They even have a restaurant on one level that offers sweedish meatballs and other traditional Sweedish fare as well as typical kid's meals. They also have some food for sale on the bottom floor. We were also surprised while selecting our bedframe that tehy were offering an incentive program of a 20% return on any bed purchase in the form of a gift card. We were delighted because we were going to buy the frame anyways and now have over 44$ as a gift card. I know, a sale would have been better and we will likely spend more than 44$ when we go next time, but since it was such a surprise I feel blessed.
When you guys come out to visit (I'm assuming some of you will when it is not as cold as living on the moon) we are excited about taking you to the Mall of America, IKEA and some of the little eateries we have discovered as well as the big, typical sights of the Target Center, the skyways, and the Mississippi.
We miss you all- love to you all and we hope to see you soon!


Val said...

IKEA is fun, although I get pretty overwhelmed if I'm there too long. I have to be well-rested and well-fed before I go, otherwise I get overwhelmed and grumpy. So I've been a total of 4 times. They do have great deals, though! I love all their lighting, dishes, furniture, organizational stuff...

Angie said...

Ikea is great! Half our furniture is from Ikea. All of Andrew's is from Ikea and so is our large desk and book shelves. We shop there about 3 to 4 times a year b/c there is an Ikea near the Lutheran Church we go to once in awhile. My next purpose in going there is picture frames. It sounds like you are doing well and I do hope that if we visit John's extended family in St. Pauls I will get a day to spend with you. (It would be me and Andrew) :)

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