Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tanker Spill

Lately, I have been driving into downtown every day to bring Jim a hot lunch. No-- my purpose is not quite so antiquated as a belief that ferrying hot food is my place in our marriage as a woman, but rather due to our laziness in the evenings in avoiding making him something he can simply take to work in the mornings.

Today however, this was interrupted by the shocking event of a gasoline truck overturning on the ramp between 394 and 94 (Yes for you Michiganders this is the same 94 as in Michigan: it meanders a lot and winds up here in MN) It is estimated to have spilled around 7000 gallons onto the road and into the storm sewers, which ultimately funnel into the Mississippi River. Booms have been placed to avoid the gas leaking any further. Foam has been sprayed and one of the tunnels has been closed down to avoid explosions. I was a little worried at first because one route that we can take to Jim's work takes us directly past the on-ramp in question, but it appears to be contained. I don't like him being that close to a site that is likely to explode.

We decided that I shouldn't bring him lunch today, and now I am only waiting to hear what the road conditions are like before heading down to pick him up after work, as teh highway closures are likely to continue past the evening rush hour and cause massive slowdowns, and this in a city already affected by te 35W Bridge collapse.


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